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Lara, Alaska
“recommend Dr Diego  at North Pacific Dental, to everyone that needs major work done”

Treatment Received:

  • Dental Crowns
  • Extractions
  • Fillings
  • Veneers
“My husband needed about $11,000 in dental work done in January. We decided instead to save money and go on vacation to Costa Rica! We were incredibly lucky to find Dr. Diego at North Pacific Dental. My husband had six front crowns (or veneers), and extraction, and fillings done while were were there.

The procedures were all painless, professional, state of the art, and turned out completely wonderful! He won our trust when he did not preform the unnecessary root canal that had been recommended by our local dentist. My husband’s crowns are beautiful, work better that his natural teeth ever did, and he looks younger!
We not only recommend Dr Diego to everyone that needs major work done, but plan to come return to him the next time we are in need. It was the best dental experience either of us have ever had.

Clinic is clean, orderly, and easy to get to. Also across the parking lot to the grocery, so super convenient.”

Diana, Canada
“I would certainly recommend”

Treatment Received:

  • Dental Implants
  • Dental Crowns
 ”Over 6months I had 4 implants, 2 crowns, fillings and whitening completed at North Pacific Dental by  Dr Diego. I was very comfortable with Dr Diego. He explained the procedures clearly and was very concerned about my comfort. The cost compared to Canada was considerably less , even with 2 nice vacations to Tamarindo!
I would certainly recommend Dr Diego for any dental concerns. He is a kind , caring person who truly cares about your well being! I am extremely happy with the results.”

Patient Farrel (USA)

“Feel great about my teeth”

Treatment Received:

  • Family Dentist Consultation
  • Teeth Cleaning
  • Paediatric Dentist Consultation
Reviewed 05 Mar 2016Review verified by phone.

“I visited Dr. Diego with my two daughters (ages 5 and 10) for dental checkups and cleanings. The appointments were a great value and Dr. Diego took a lot of time and care with us, as I describe below. I highly recommend his practice!

Dr. Diego was terrific with the girls. He showed my younger daughter in the mirror that she has a loose tooth and gave her a little treasure box to put it in once it falls out. He asked my older daughter to show him how she flosses, then demonstrated how to do it properly until she showed she had it figured out. When they were done, he showed them a photo of his own daughter and helped them find a video on his fancy TV while I had my cleaning. My cleaning was overdue and more of a challenge, and he took his time. Finally, he talked me out of tooth whitening by showing me in the mirror how my teeth color compared to the samples used for crowns. I was on the very white end of the spectrum. I thought it showed great character that he talked me out of spending money and made me feel great about my teeth at the same time!”

Patient Pam (USA)

“Instantly won my trust”

Treatment Received:

  • Root Canals
 ”I contacted Dr. Diego at North Pacific Dental to see if I could get a root canal while vacationing in Tamarindo. Prior to contacting him, I saw nothing but great reviews of him online. He was very prompt to reply to my messages and questions. He arranged for Ingrid Meza Conejo, Endo specialist for my root canal. I was a bit nervous being out the the USA and getting this done, but they made me feel very comfortable and spoke very good english. The facility was clean and comfortable. The procedure went very well, no issues, no pain beyond feeling uncomfortable from the Novocaine. While getting a root canal done on vacation isn’t my idea of fun, I’d do it again in a heartbeat. Saved me a ton of $$$ over getting in done in the US. Great people and great service.
I knew I needed a root canal but wasn’t excited about paying a ton of $$$$ in the USA. I stumbled across a review on Trip Advisor for North Pacific Dental while planning a vacation in Tamarindo (Jan 2016). I told my husband if I wasn’t comfortable with Dr. Diego or Ingrid I wouldn’t go through with it. They instantly won my trust and made me and my husband feel comfortable about the whole procedure.”
Patient: Del (Washington State)

Crowns and Implants

I couldn’t be happier!

Dr. Diego is a bright young Doctor meticulous in his work, who speaks excellent English and does everything in his power to make the experience hassle free. He arraigned transportation from the airport, and to and from each visit. Talk about making it easy.

My work was porcelain crowns on my six upper front teeth, and five upper implants.

Monday: Transport to Santa Cruz for a CAT scan, two hundred bucks. Try that in the US. On to the office where Dr. Diego reviewed the CAT scan, examined the teeth, and came up with a treatment plan to which I eagerly agreed. I would note that on one side of my upper, I have only one remaining molar (for now). My US Dentist wanted to pull that tooth and put in an implant. Dr. Diego pointed out that the jaw on that side would be able to collapse in the six months before the implants were crowned. Good catch doctor.

Tuesday: Dr. Diego prepared my upper front teeth for crowns, made impressions, and fitted temporaries. The guy is a wizard with the needle, even the palate shot didn’t hurt. I asked why he was being so meticulous with the forming of my teeth. He pointed out that the upper front teeth have to be perfect on the curve, or they look terrible. He certainly did mine right as the results are fantastic.

Thursday: Dr. Diego brought in a surgeon for the five implants. Another late thirties doctor with good English that knows what he is doing.  A little more than an hour later, I was done. No pain, none, for the first three days, then aspirin level tenderness for two days.

Following Week, Wednesday: The new crowns were put on, and I was done for now. You just can’t know what it means to me to be able to smile again.

In six months, back to have crowns put on the implants.

Cost: Less than half of what my dentist in the US proposed.

The experience was a little different than with a dentist in the US. When you call, you reach the doctor. No receptionist, no assistant, just the doctor who has everything he needs within reach. Not bad, just not what we are used to in the US.

As to the area, Tamarindo is a beautiful long beach that attracts surfers from all over the world. It is not as cheap as other places in Costa Rica, but the view, and compact little town are worth it.  For a beach front hotel, I paid about what I would pay for a regular, in town hotel in the US. It is the food that is a little pricy unless you go to a Soda (Café). The food is great to fantastic either place.

Would I do it again with Dr. Diego, in a heartbeat. Back down for the new crowns in six months, and I am so happy, I may have him crown my lower front teeth.



Linda. USA,
4 implants,6 direct veneers and 5 root tips removed,extractions
I highly recommend this office and Dr. Diego!
Were you pleased with the treatment?
I highly recommend this office and Dr. Diego! Bonus, he’s near the beach!

I spent weeks online learning as much as possible about procedures, prices and clinics. That left me totally confused! I met with 2 good clinics in Tamarindo and happy with my choice. I wanted to be on the beach to also have a vacation. Dr Diego worked around My schedule! I had a lot of work done in just 2 appointments.

First visit I decided on 6 direct veneers that could be done immediately (plus cheaper) instead of porcelain. Dr. Diego said he would do one tooth to see if I liked it because I was convinced I had to have porcelain, but I am very pleased with them.

He gave me a couple beach days then called in his surgeon from San Jose, Dr Alejandro Marin. Within about 2.5 hours, they had done 4 implants, 5 root tips removed,extractions with no pain! He provided transportation back to the condo and told me to rest, but I felt fine. Next day I was back on the beach!

So far, so good. I do have to return next year for the crowns and 2 bridges. I saved a lot of money by having all this dental work done in Costa Rica and combined it into a vacation. Why go to the city when Tamarindo has professionals too and you can re-coup on one of the most remarkable beaches I have ever seen?!

Patient: Rocky

Treatments: 6 metal free crowns

Very professional and friendly

Were you pleased with the treatment?I highly recommend this clinic. Dr Deigo was very professional and friendly. I will be sure to tell all my Canadian friends to come here for all there dental needs. Thanks so much for everything you did. I love my new teeth.

Thanks again,


Patient: Sherie

Treatments: Crown

Polite and professional

Were you pleased with the treatment?Excellent, so far. Dr Diego is polite, professional, and the price quoted was great. He even managed to offer to do my crown within my tight schedule of a week. Recommend.



Patient: R. Pettitt

Metal free crowns
Extremely clean facility, When I came in for work in 2012, I found Dr. Diego at North Pacific Dental to be extremely careful, organized and efficient. I had a number of procedures done here, including a filling and crowns on my front teeth, as well as a cosmetic bleaching procedure. I found the pricing to be fair and far cheaper that I would have paid in Canada. In addition, my insurance company paid and covered the same procedures I would have been covered for if I had the work done in Canada. I returned here in Jan 2013 for checkup and cleaning and I see he has done some renovations that enhance his fine facility even more, while maintaining a comfortable, yet professional atmosphere. I am very happy with the work and service I received here.


Patient : Marge

Dental Crowns

I had 3 crowns recently done by Dr. Vernava, at North Pacific Dental, and was very pleased with the professional work done, and the time it took. I definitely would come back again. Being from Alberta Canada, my dental work would have cost 3 times what I paid North Pacific Dental. I will recommend North Pacific Dental  to anyone who needs major dental work.


Patient: Chloe

Metal free crowns

I have had my confidence lifted by Dr. Diego Vernava at North Pacific Dental. My teeth were yellow, small and not straight. He has made for me a natural looking pagent smile. He was so kind and patient with me. He did a lot of work, in a short time, for the right price. I couldn’t be happier with his work. Thank you so much Dr. Vernava for giving me a beautiful and confident smile.

Thank you,

Chloe J


Patient: Linda J

Crowns, whitening,  white fillings.

To whom it may concern,

Just wanted to say how pleased and happy I have been with North Pacific Dental and Dr. Diego Vernava . I came to Costa Rica a couple years ago and he did some dental work for me at that time. I have returned to  him so I could have some more dental work done. I love the work that he has done on my teeth. He is very personable and professional. He has does such a beautiful job. When I mention his name around Tamarindo, you hear how well respected and pleased everyone is with his work. I can not say enough good words about him.

Linda J


Patient: Stacy H

Root canal, crown

Dr. Vernava and North Pacific Dental staff, was very profesional. The Procedure was explained throughly and there were no surprises. I’m very pleased with the final results,

Thank you for everything!


Patient: Janet
Crown and Veneers
“Very happy with my new smile”
I am very happy with my new smile. I had a crown placed and some veneers. Dr Diego was professional, friendly and flexible. I enjoyed the location close to the beach rather than SJ or Liberia.
Patient : Nik
“Very pleased with the results”
Very pleased with the results as I had 5 Crowns for the fraction of cost compare to Canada. The procedure was extremely detailed and I was absolutely pleased. I will be going back again in the future when I need more treatment. Dr. Diego Vernava is an excellent, friendly and knowledgeable dentist, I would recommend North Pacific Dental to everyone.

Patient: Roxanne L,

Implants and crowns over implants.

My dental experience was exceptional.  North Pacific Dental Staff were very professional, and couteous.  The cost for my dental work was going to be more than 3 times here in Canada!  The savings allowed me two, 2 week vacations in Costa Rica.  And yes that includes airfare out of Vancouver, British Columbia.  I was especially impressed by the quick appointments.

I had two implants, and corresponding crowns on my lower left side installed, and they feel and look great. The whole procedure could be very intrusive, and costly here in Canada, so North Pacific Dental Doctors abilities are very much appreciated, and  I can think of no better place to have the work done as the beaches of Costa Rica is an awesome location in which to heal.  I would like to thank them for making this whole experience so much more bearable and for the suggestions on caring for my gums, it works for me.

Mucho Gracias!

Roxanne L.


Patient: Les S.


Implants and denture over implants

My experience with North Pacific Dental is one I would be willing to share with anyone. From the very first appointment to the boarding of the plane to return home was amazing. My first appointment consisted of X-rays and moldings of my mouth for the teeth that would be later implanted. Having seen the X-rays was determined that I needed  dental implants, bone augmentation and sinus lift.

The experience was unbelievable the work was so professional and the concern as to how I was holding up to the procedure was great.  After all the screws were in  there still was no pain and I began the two day wait for the dentures to be applied. The professionalism of the setting of my new teeth and now the great smile that I have will never be forgotten and i recommend all my coworkers and family that need dental work similar to mine to go to North Pacific Dental in Tamarindo Costa Rica , there work there is second to none, to procedures you will find in Canada or the USA, I have experienced both, and  I am now a firm believer that North Pacific Dental has the best there is.

If there is any one that would like to contact me personally for information, North Pacific Dental has the permission to release my phone number or email address to any one with concerns or hesitation.

Thank you Les S.


Patient: Blake and Roberta

Implants and Fillings

Blake and I both thrilled with the care that we received in North Pacific Dental. I love my new white fillings and Blake can’t wait to come back to have his implants finished!!. The care that your office took to let Blake know what he could expect after his implants were inserted left us with no surprises everything went perfectly according to the planned treatment. He healed beautifully and we are both looking forward to his brand new smile.


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