Dentistry and sport fishing

Dentistry and sport fishing

Proudly announcing our partnership, North Pacific Dental and Boos Adventures!!!

An idea, we can almost call it a utopia, get your teeth taken care of, and then relax for the rest of the day fishing and snorkeling, waiting for the sun to set in the pacific. This is now a reality, with our partnership with Boos Adventures,  we will bring you the most advance techniques in dentistry and then set you in and amazing half or full day 3 IN 1 (SNORKELLING + SPORTFISHING + SUNSET)

Our dental team will work together to help you enjoy the most out of your dental vacation, so you get your dental needs covered and continue to enjoy a vacation.

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The beaches around Flamingo are some of the most beautiful and secluded beaches you will ever see, our guide will pick among 12 spots to snorkel depending on wind conditions to make sure you snorkel in the most calm and clear waters possible. The volcanic lava reefs are filled with hundreds of reefs fish and sea urchins. Pay close attention for turtles, rays and puffer fish. After a quick snack we will fish around the outer islands off of flamingo and enjoy the most beautiful sunset Costa Rica has to offer.

Costa Rica is famous for it’s offshore sport fishing. Marlin, sailfish, dorado, wahoo and roosterfish are all present in these abundant waters. We offer three quarter and full day offshore Flamingo fishing trips. Boos Adventures boats come fully equipped with all gear and tackle. Captains and crew are experienced fisherman intimately familiar with these waters. You only need to bring sunscreen and some muscle to land your giant catch!

We are looking forward to help you experience the most amazing dental and travel, you can get.



Dr Diego, along with Captain Boos

Dr Diego, along with Captain Boos

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