All on 4 dental implants

The All-on-4 treatment concept is a procedure that provides a permanent, screw-retained replacement for the entire upper and / or lower set of teeth with a bridge or denture. The procedure is best for patients with significant tooth loss or decay and for people whose bone loss in the jaw area prevents them from getting conventionally oriented (vertical) dental implants. Often, tooth loss is accompanied by loss of the jaw bone which poses the problem of reconstruction of the jaw bone requiring bone grafting. The All-On-4 protocol is considered to be a graftless solution thereby avoiding the long and costly road of rebuilding bone when conventionally oriented implants are used.

For the implementation to be successful a careful analysis of the bone structure needs to be made. The most ideal way to evaluate the bone is by a CBCT scan.  Then we will create a 3D printed surgical guide to place your implants in the exact location in the jaw. The All-On-4 protocol is for at least 4 implants to be placed in a jaw. From this point we will create a permanent denture or bridge with approximately 12 to 14 teeth.

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Bimaxillary Full Arch rehabilitation using guided surgery All on 4 dental implants technique with Crystal Ultra hybrid Ceramic dentures.

Before3d printed surgical guides

Crystal Ultra Hybrid ceramic dentures

Crystal Ultra Hybrid ceramic dentures


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