Oral Health Aisle at the supermarket

Oral Health Aisle at the supermarket

There are infinite items at the Oral health aisle at the supermarket, I have seen people take decisions based on price, color and even amount of product. But what to look for when you faced a wall of options with no plan or when you did not established your needs.

Here is a little help, arranged by most common uses.

Gum health.

Look for antibacterial component Triclosan, this is the best way to kill bacteria that causes gum disease, along with good brushing technique.


Look for potassium nitrate at least 5%, this blocks receptors that translate to hot and cold signals to pain. For best results apply product directly to sensitive area, leave it for a minute or two and the continue brushing normaly.


Don’t expect whiteness to occur over night with these toothpaste, most whitening toothpaste s are not powerful enough to provide in short term the result that a professional whitening will get you. Search for products with hydrogen peroxide, be advice that these may cause tooth sensitivity to some patients.

All around cavity protection

Look for products that help in this six categories:  whitens, reduces sensitivity, and helps prevent cavities, gingivitis, plaque, and bad breath.  Colgate Total is a very good option and Oral B is great at well, Crest Pro Health.

Enjoy shopping and base your decision on your needs over price or color.

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Image for illustrative purposes

Image for illustrative purposes

*This article is based on  Dr. Diego Vernava’s  personal opinion and research papers and patients referrals.

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