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July 26, 2014 | North Pacific Dental |
Save money, get expert dental care, and get a beach vacation at the same time!

This is a newer concept than you may think. While tens of thousands have recently visited Costa Rica for dental, capabilities in the beach towns – the places you want to go on vacation – have been limited.

Tamarindo Dentist talking with patient in officeNow dental tourism in Tamarindo is here!

I had a dental make-over done 16 years ago in San Jose. And, recently I had two more crowns. I couldn’t be more pleased with the results. As a marketing consultant for Tamarindo, confirmation advanced dental capabilities are really available is pretty exciting!

Previously, I had been corresponding with a potential customer on Tripadvisor and referred her to our local phone book to look for a local dental office.

She only had time for a short vacation and lots of work to get done, so I was concerned she could actually get it done so quickly. So, I was interested and happy when she took the time to tell me how things went…

Thought I’d let you know how my dental vacation went in case you are asked again. As you know I was really confused so didn’t commit to any dental work until I got there. Went to meet the two dentists I had been communicating with.

First my friend took me to DR NAME was Deleted due to Privicy Policy. I really liked her and probably would have stopped with her except she insisted on having a dental scan which can’t be done in Tamarindo. Would have to go to another town acouple hours away.

So met with Dr. Diego [North Pacific Dental] and I liked him too. He thought my x-rays were sufficient to make implant decisions.

First day I got 6 veneers. (both dentists suggested the direct veneers instead of porcelain.) I decided they looked fine plus could be done that day and also cheaper. ( Dr. Diego said he would do one tooth and if I didn’t like it then we could order porcelain.)

I also wanted some beach time so he told me to come back in acouple of days. So on Thursday he had his surgeon come from San Jose and they did about 5 extractions, implants and root canal within 2.5 hours! I was so amazed.

Went back to the condo and waited for the pain..which never happened! Was back on the beach the next day. 3 days later on the plane home.

Of course, I need to come back in 6 months to a year for the crowns.

So far I am pleased with his work and his prices were in line to most others, if not a little cheaper. I hope the crowns are of quality and the rest goes as well.

BTW/ I love your little town [Tamarindo] ! The sunsets at that beach are amazing. Any suggestions on a preferred month to return? (no rain month).

Regards, Linda

[From Tripadvisor Messaging]

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