FirstFit™ Tomorrow’s technology…today

FirstFit™ By ViaxDental, is  as they promote it “Tomorrow’s Technology…today”,

This minimally invasive treatment option is a removable appliance that fits perfectly over your existing teeth, to cosmetic enhance your smile (whiter smile, severe crowding, misalign teeth) or to be use a partial removable denture, or as a temporary for dental implants.

This appliance is 3D scan and Printed to fit perfectly over your teeth almost without any adjustment or cutting to your teeth.

Perfect teeth in week, perfect fit in week, the final product feels smooth and non-intrusive.

Just smile big!!!!

Get your s at North Pacific Dental, Call 001-506-26529016 and ask for your appointment.

FirstFit removable IMG_3558 IMG_3561 IMG_3564

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